Cross Docking

If you don't have a loading dock or forklift send your trucks to Liquidation Brokers. We can unload, load, deliver with liftgate, and even store your goods.

Warehouse Storage

Are you running out of space? Or perhaps you couldn't pass up that last liquidation deal we sent. Whatever the reason, we are here to help! 


Do you need your inventory counted, sorted, or manifested? Well look no further. We offer all of the above. We use the innovative technology to get the job done quickly.

Inventory Inspections

Are you about to spend a lot of money and are unsure of the goods or seller? Let us take the risk out of the equation. We can send a seasoned Liquidation Inspector inspect the goods on your behalf.

Inventory Consignment

Are you sitting on stale goods? Or perhaps you don't have the audience or proper marketplace to sell quickly. Send it to us! We have the means of selling your goods quickly and efficiently. 

Investment Options

Our investment program is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Your money is backed by inventory. Let us show you why 100's of others have gone mad over this opportunity.