Worry Free Investments?

Liquidation Brokers has developed an investment model that has a proven record of success. The most advantageous benefits being it's never failed an investor! We are selective with our investment partners. We often prefer to work with those within the liquidation industry. When you invest with us we back all of your cash with inventory. I'm sure your wondering how we do it! Here's how we do it!

 Regarding the investment program, awesome to hear it is back!!! I first invested in the program in late 2018. I typically invested 40k-60k a month and for several months invested more than $100k at a time. And that is correct, always made my money back plus the return. Thomas and his team are incredible!

-Chase Vance

We take small blocks of you capital and invest it into truckloads of liquidated inventory. Our model is simplistic and highly lucrative. We buy in bulk and sell in smaller lots. We take the amount you invested and assign you a predetermined amount of lots. For example $6,000 will get you 12 lots. Which gives you 12 lots at the cost of $500 each. Here's the best part! You buy it and we sell it! Plus we guarantee to sell it within a predetermined amount of time. Often 45 days or less! What if we fail to sell all your  lots in the time-frame discussed? No worries we give you three options. You can either extended your term (renew agreement), take possession of the remaining lots, or we BUY them back! What do you have to lose? Not a thing! Many of our investors have earned over a 21% return in less than 30 Days! Sound to good to be true? We did that on purpose. Several references available upon request. 

Why You Should Work With Us?

Liquidation Brokers and it's executive team have over 50 years experience in business management. Our history of success speaks for itself! We are a firm that puts you first not our bottom line. In fact many of our programs are fee free unless the client make money! Here is what we promise.

  • Strategic use of your money
  • Delivering on our word
  • Highest level Service
  • Honesty
  • Showing you a return

Call Liquidation Brokers today and start earning tomorrow! We look forward to working with you. 

About service

As in every business, to realize the right growth with the right decisions, to expand our branch network, and to carry our service
quality to the top. Improving our quality activities and ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction by not being content with the quality
authorization certificates we have received To offer the transportation solution service we choose to our valued customers with our experienced and
trained personnel and our renewed fleet.

To be one of the leading companies that offer much more to our customers with our, guide the future of the sector with their experience in the sector, and to be one of the most preferred pioneering companies globally, primarily by its customers and its environment.

  • Reliability & Continuity & Loyalty
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Strong Coordination
  • Accountability
  • Diligence and Foresight
  • Personnel and Customer Satisfaction
  • Social Responsibility Awareness