Cross Docking

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Cross Docking:

Cross-docking is a service that plays a serious role in reducing all costs which arise within the supply chain. Cross-docking is defined as a cargo distribution system where pickup and shipping take place directly from the warehouse. This is a very convenient procedure eliminating the need for additional repositories. This procedure is highly profitable because it eliminates expenses related to warehouse leasing for storage of long-term goods. This service reduces, and often eliminates the need to spend money, and is considered an especially attractive benefit for all sizes of businesses, but especially for start-ups and small businesses working with modest budgets. The result: Delivering products to their destinations as quickly as possible.

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Cross-docking is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, materials and goods are selected. The second stage consists of the shipment of goods. Once delivery occurs, we take into account all customers to whom goods shall be delivered and create the most efficient route in collaboration with the shippers. The cross-docking system, therefore, includes two methods of control. Due to the large volumes of goods transported, the cost of goods for the end-user is significantly reduced.

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