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Inventory Consignment is a supply chain model in which a product is sold by a retailer, but ownership is retained by the supplier until the product has been sold. This service can add a layer of complexity to your business, and as a consigner, your company shoulders much of the risks without a comparable rise in revenues. With Inventory Consignment, you can smoothly carry out purchasing, sales, and delivery arrangements. By speeding up the response to inquiries, we can expect to improve customer satisfaction.
It really saves me time and effort. Liquidation Brokers is exactly what our business has been lacking.
Consignment inventory service means that the goods are sent to us and we take responsibility for the sale, without transfer of ownership. By sending the goods to us, only the possession of the goods is transferred, not the ownership. Goods on consignment sale; It is left to the possession of the consignor to be sold to the customers at the prices determined by the sender or to be returned if not sold.

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As Liquidation Brokers, the important thing for us is to know you, to determine your needs correctly, and to offer you special solutions. With our experience and energy, we produce solutions for our customers and add value to their business.

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As in every business, to realize the right growth with the right decisions, to expand our branch network, and to carry our service
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